Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So I've jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon;
and it's a total time-sucker just like I worried it would be.
Yet I am completely obsessed and loving it!

Lately I've been going crazy picking up ideas for our kids' rooms.
The boys are going to share a room and I just love everything about this alphabet wall.

The new bed we got Landon is a blue and mustard yellow color so I'm really liking this color scheme too.

Since we know we are having brothers we continue to feel that a little lady from Ethiopia is missing from our family. And how cute is this elephant room for our "elephant girl":

So ridiculously girly and frilly and awesome. 

Kids rooms are my absolute favorite to decorate. 
No rules seem to apply.
You can go as colorful, crazy, over-the-top or understated as you like.

(Images from Ohdeedo)

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Jess Roy said...

First of all, yes, Pinterest is ADDICTING! I love that Alphabet wall..can't wait to come visit and help decorate!! :)

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