the box bike

Friday, December 16, 2011

Photo by Hervey Photo (they rock!)
This is our box bike.
No, we didn't make it.
It actually comes this way.
How my husband discovers and hunts down these unique treasures I might never understand.
I just know we all benefit from his ability to shop for obscure and interesting products.

The bike is from the Netherlands (yay for the Dutch heritage!) and it's super fun.
(and a tad bit scary in the passenger seat if you're grown and pregnant and not a huge fan of speed bumps)

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of our acceptance into the 
American World Adoption Ethiopia program.
Although we have already gotten a teeny-tiny taste of the challenges associated with adoption we have also already experienced some of the huge blessings.
So we continue to move forward with excitement and faith. 

We just got the box bike an extra seat:
it now holds four!


Jessica G. said...

I saw those bikes all over Amsterdam when we were there. Such a clever idea. So many moms were using them to cart their kids about a work out!

Linda Z said...

Awww... that is so cute! And super practical! Go RJ! :)

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