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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I celebrated my 29th birthday last week. The first of many 29th birthdays, I'm sure.

Actually, although I honestly am not looking forward to hitting the big 3-0, I hope that when that time comes I'll embrace it with grace and enthusiasm. In interviews all the "older" movie stars always tout their 30s as being a wonderful time of self-awareness, personal growth, and botox renewed confidence. Maybe I will feel the same as I say good-bye to my youth and my metabolism. But I regress, I am still in my twenties (for another 360 days) and very much looking forward to the next year as I wrap up what's been an incredible decade.

I was so humbled as my family and friends poured out the birthday love. I was touched by each-and-every facebook message, the dinner out with my girlfriends, the flowers from my my sister and brother in Spokane, the singing message from my in-laws, the phone calls, the gifts, the cards.

Especially this card. BEST CARD EVER:
Inside: "Go give 'em something to gossip about"

(Thank you, Meg. 2013 Cruise for sure!)

 God has blessed me with an incredible community of people - near and far, young and old - and I hope never to take them for granted.

My husband also made my birthday wish come true by taking Landon and I to Disneyland.

When I was a child I used to feel sorry for my parents at Christmastime. My sister and I had so many gifts compared to their few packages of tee-shirts and socks. But now that I am a mother I understand: there is absolute JOY in watching your child delight in something; which is why I wanted to take our boy to "the Big Castle where Mickey Mouse lives." And it really is 10x more fun seeing Landon grin ear-to-ear on the teacups then actually riding the teacups themselves. I had the most amazing birthday experiencing my son's intoxicating happiness. And you know what amazes me, the fact that God feels the exact same way about me. He delights in me when I enjoy HIm and the gifts, experiences, and blessings He has given me. Humbled & Amazed.

If you are inclined you can click here for more Disney pics

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Linda Z said...

Glad you had such fun at Disneyland! I've celebrated many a birthday there. November is always such a good month for Disneyland, don't you think?

30's not bad! There's a lot of good to look forward to in a new decade. :)

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