Runny Noses and Cutie Pies

Friday, September 23, 2011

On Saturday mornings Landon helps RJ with the yard work. He's got his very own sheath to carry around his "pruners" (a pair of dull pliers). He's also insistent on wearing his Easter hat.

Last weekend the three of us were sitting on the front porch having breakfast before starting chores. I looked at my two guys snuggled up next to one another and couldn't help exclaiming, "The two of you are just so cute!"

"You're cute too mom," Landon replied.    Made.My.Day!

This boy cracks me up.

A few weeks ago L and I were laying in bed together. He had a cold and RJ was out of town so I let him sleep with me. He was laying there sniffling. sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, over and over again. Poor kid had a leaky faucet. Suddenly he turned to me in panic. "Mama!," he yelled. "My nose isn't working!" 

Don't you just hate it when your nose doesn't work. 


Jess Roy said...

Ahhh - CUTE!

Chelsea K. said...

So sweet! Love "my nose isn't working" haha

Jessica G. said...

Those pictures of Landon are too cute. And I can't wait until Connor is old enough to be talking back to me like that!

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