Fall Fashion Week 2011 - Friday

Friday, September 30, 2011

I have had so much fun this week!
I loved getting dressed up each day, meeting so many wonderful ladies, being continually inspired by everyone's unique styles, and feelin' the love in the comment section.
Thank you to all who participated.
And a great BIG thank you to Emery for hosting.

I too thought it would be fun to do a day-to-evening look since it's Friday.
But be warned, I didn't have a chance to take pics until little man went to sleep this afternoon, so once I set up the tripod and realized I had at least an hour and a half of uninterrupted time, I took A LOT of pictures.


lace blouse: free people, gift from sister
tank: anthro
skirt: paige denim
boots: frye
jacket: stewart + brown sample sale


necklace & headband: f21
pants: zara
shoes: calvin klein 

I rarely wear heals since I'm nearly 5' 9" and when I put them on I tower over everyone.
Except my dear husband. When I met RJ in college we were the same height. He was so cute I stoically  mourned the loss of heels forever and settled on a life of ballet flats. Then God gave me an crazy unexpected gift and the man grew 4 inches his 21st year!!
Anyway, I got these heels a few months ago for my 10 year high school reunion and I am absolutely obsessed with them. The wide heel makes them super comfortable and the color goes with everything.

This ring, from the Day Look, was from my great aunt

And this amazing ring (not the greatest pic) my sister brought back for me from Portugal.

 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
My two guys are going out together tonight so I'll actually be in my yoga pants at Barnes & Nobles sipping a carmel macchiato and reading a book. ahhhh

I have truly enjoyed "meeting" so many of you.
Lets stay in touch. 


E said...

Fun! I love the two looks. Someday when I'm rich or at least not a poor student, I'll have Frye boots. And I love the heels and rings in your second shot. And a lace top. Okay, fine, I like it all. :)

Emery Jo said...

those heels are awesome!! I am so loving all the nude/cream shoes floating around these days because they really do go with anything! great looks- I adore the headband! :)

Julia said...

As always you're adorable. Love the day and night looks. I have a pair of similar heels that I absolutely love! Enjoy your "me" time tonight!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love your coat and jewelry!

Jessica G. said...

Love the lace top and the headband. So cute. Hope you enjoyed your alone time at B&N tonight!

Lea said...

I am loving your night look! Super adorable!! And that's crazy how your husband went through a growth spurt at 21! So funny, and so convenient for you!

girl willow said...

You look beautiful!! And I love those heels!
P.S. Your facial expressions make me smile :)

Joanna Ducommun said...

Ohmygosh. Your evening outfit is killing me! Amazing! You are beautiful and wear your clothing so well!

Linda Z said...

I love all your accessories... and your facial expressions are the best! :)

How fun that RJ grew at 21. I didn't know that was possible! :)

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