Sunday, August 7, 2011

These are RJ's favorite jeans.

He got them about 6 months ago at the Levi's store in Santa Barbara. When the weather isn't too hot he wears them probably 3-4 times per week.

They've been washed twice (maybe three times) in 6 months.

That's about 45 wears between washes. (!!)

He's tried to explain to me that this particular denim is meant to go unwashed for long periods of time. 2-3 weeks between laundering I understand; you don't want the jean to fade, you want it to fit to your body, etc. But 2-3 months? Really???

Then last week I was reading Jeanette Wash's Half Broke Horses and I cam across this quote:

"Levi's we didn't wash at all. They shrank too much, and it weakened the threads. So we wore them and wore them until they were shiny with mud, manure, tallow, cattle slobber, bacon fat, axle grease, and hoof oil, and them we wore them some more. Eventually, the Levi's reached a point of grime saturation where they couldn't get any dirtier, where they had the feel of oilskin and had become not just waterproof but briar-proof, and that was when you knew you had really broken them in. When Levi's reached that degree of conditioning, they were sort of like smoke-cured ham or aged bourbon, and you couldn't pay a cowboy to let you wash his." 

I get it now:
RJ's just a cowboy deep down inside. 

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Linda Z said...

Wow... the things you learn! At least it saves on the water bill? :)

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