Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I absolutely love the fact that Landon and I can have full back-and-forth conversations now. His vocabulary and understanding is growing daily. Although he still gets some things messed up. Instead of using the word "too" he uses "so".

Throughout the day I hear a lot of:

"I too hungry Mommy. I too hungry."

"I run too fast!"

He's all boy

He's also a smart little bugger. The other night he was fussing and complaining at the dinner table. Frustrated with his bad behavior RJ walked Landon to his room, told him he could finish fussing by himself and when he was ready to have a good attitude he could come back to the table. RJ walked away and we could hear Landon in there whimpering a bit and getting out the last few complaints and grumbles. Once he was quiet we invited him back to the table. He climbed back into his seat and acted quite pleasant for a few minutes.

Normally we expect him to ask to be excused to leave the table and he has to wait until we both give him permission before he may get down from his seat. Shortly after returning from his fussing episode I saw his little eyes light-up: without a word to either of us he scrambled out of his seat and headed to his room. Before RJ or I could remind him to come back and ask for permission he unabashedly looked over his shoulder and announced: "I'm going to go do some more fussing. I'll see you guys later."Then marched into his bedroom and began playing with toys!

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Tracy said...

Wow! He is a smart boy. You are never going to get away with anything with him around!! Thanks for the laugh.

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