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Monday, June 13, 2011

I was able to convince RJ to accompany me to the Rose Bowl Flea Market this weekend to hunt for hidden treasure. Flea marketing can be so overwhelming it's best to go with a buddy. Particularly if you are a nervous barterer like me.

I hate the bartering aspect of the market. I'm always worried I'll end up like RJ - who got beaten with a leather handbag by a feisty 90-year-old Italian woman while we were shopping the open market in Florence; apparently she was pretty offended when he offered to pay her only 20% of the listed price. But, always the deal-getter, RJ wasn't discouraged by that one set-back and he continues to wheel-and-deal for practically everything he buys. Throw in his impeccably good taste and he's the perfect shopping buddy.

We fitted Landon into the stroller, threw him a hot dog and an endless supply of snacks, and hours later we walked out with three new treasures:

- a stack of vintage photographs from the 40s and 50s to turn into fun greeting cards

- a new chicken food dispenser (guess who found this treasure)

- and an old industry-sized laundry basket. Made of canvas and leather it's a great decor piece and is currently being used to store linens. But when our kiddos come home its jumbo-size and wheels will come in handy for hauling massive loads of laundry!
Both RJ and I agreed that we wished we had started flea marketing when we were first furnishing our home. You can find the most amazing things among all the junk ( and you must be careful of the junk it often disguises itself as cool and interesting until you get come and realize that it has nowhere to live in your house.)I was inspired actually finish redecorating Landon's room and I got a bunch of ideas for the babies room too. 


Anonymous said...

So much fun to get bargains. Thats why I love craigs list. Can get the best stuff dirt cheap. Got to say the craigs list is better in sacto then ventura. I'v shopped both. There can be a tendency to get ahead of one's self and end up with too much stuff in the garage. Happy shopping love mom

Anonymous said...

Am I reading this correctly??? You passed right by our apartment and not even a peep or a text saying, "hey, we're nearby..."
I get that we had to cancel the swimming party last week, but to know you guys were so close...and yet, so far away.

Dallas Amsden said...

That last comment was from Dallas, by the way... I just forgot to fill in my info before I hit the "return" key.

Tim and Debra said...

So fun! I need you to live closer to me so we can be flea market buddies!

Linda Z said...

I love how you found some seriously random things! What I want to know is where you keep that awesome laundry bin... it's huge!!! :)

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