Siblings and Jelly Beans

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Landon still asks me for an Easter Egg every morning. Apparently the colorful plastic eggs filled with jelly beans make quite an impression.

And one of my most favorite things right now is having full conversations with Landon. He's talking in full sentences and has even started asking questions. His favorite: "What ya doin' Mama? What ya doin'?"

Although he still answers most questions asked to him with one word answers. Here's a sweet Q&A we had in the car together yesterday.

We had just seen Landon's friend Lucy and her twin baby brother and sister.

Me: Landon, do you know what brothers and sisters are?
Landon: yeah

Me: Do you want brothers and sisters?
Landon: yeah

Me: Do you want a brother or a sister?
Landon: sis-ta

Me: Do you want an African sister?
Landon: yeah

To check if he was just answering everything "yeah" I asked:

Me: Would you like your sister to come to us from Africa or somewhere else?
Landon: Aff-E-ka

I'm so glad he feels the same way RJ and I do. A part of our hearts are in Africa with our children and their birth families, and today we get one huge step closer to them. The very last paper we need to finished our dossier is scheduled to arrive at 4:30pm today!!!


Erin said...

Wooo hooo! You guys are getting soo close! And "Aff-e-ka". Sooo cute :)

Linda Z said...

So Cute! Congrats on making it this far in the adoption process! Can't wait to see what the Lord does! :)

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