Tell-Tale Signs of a Stay-At-Home-Mom (#1)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last night over a dinner of tortilla soup RJ and I had a passionate* (rather one-sided) discussion regarding the pros and cons of two different grocery stores. Fresh & Easy vs Trader Joes.

The convo peaked at 13-gallon trash bags. One can pick up both hummus and trash bags at Fresh & Easy but not Trader Joes. A worthwhile payoff for harsh lighting and crappy produce?? The debate still rages...

But seriously - this is pretty much all I had to bring to the table last night: grocery story comparisons.

Not to toot my own horn but I consider myself a pretty intelligent person. I graduated high school with a 4.1 GPA and got my bachelors degree in less than four years. I read classic literature by choice, (somewhat) understand Shakespeare, and can conquer a pretty decent algebra problem. (Although I do worry about what I'll tell my son when he asks me how the internet works?) And yet, I have been reduced to discussing trash bags rather than economic stimulus packages.

I am careful not to lose myself in the jungle that is motherhood. It's important to me that I do things for myself. I write this blog for creative stimuli, run, read, follow the news, spend time alone with RJ and girlfriends, study my Bible, participate in a book club, cook for fun, and such. Our adoption experience has widen my learning to an entirely new genres. I'm studying phycology, family dynamics, sociology, economics, world politic, radical tensions, etc. And I'm finding this new area of study absolutely fascinating.

But, let's be real, the majority of my time is spend around peanut butter and jelly, matchbox cars, swing sets, and Go Diego Go (one point for learning spanish!). I told RJ that during this phase he shouldn't expect me to bring much more than laundry questions and playground drama to the table most nights. Thankfully he doesn't really mind as he finds laundry questions fascinating (love that my man works in clothes).

Sometimes this bothers me and I see myself as boring or uninteresting, particularly when I'm out with friends who work outside the home. However, for the most part I am able to count my blessings. It's SUCH a privilege to be home with Landon. And why should I care if other people find my days dull - I love getting hundreds of sticky kisses throughout the day. I love going down the slide with a toddler in my lap. And I love reading Dr. Seuss again. I'll trade fun for interesting any day.

*insert sarcastic tone here


jkseevers said...

you are awesome. I'll have a "stay at home mommy" conversations with you any day!

There is NO greater joy than to have the privilege to train up our kids in the way they should go...

Besides, I can already tell, you are WAAAYY smarter than me:)


Jessica G. said...

I am right along with you on this one. Except that I read the newspaper and fill Ian in on all the news during dinner. That is my large contribution to our dinnertime conversation!

Less interesting or not, I do believe that my life is way less drama being a stay at home mom. I seriously didn't realize how drama and stressful the work environment is until I quit.

And I agree, I would take being home with my little man any day over being interesting!

Jen Bryce said...

love you girl. practicing gratefulness always saves are butts. good job sis. ;) Jen

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