Friday, February 18, 2011

Two days ago Landon and I were watching glee a television show together. We were all snuggled up on the couch and I was thinking about how sweet and wonderful my little monster man is. A commercial for a cell phone came on, I think it was for a Droid, and it featured this little green space-alien-thingy. The little green alien was floating around going on and on about 4G networks and so forth. Suddenly the alien fell down, or bumped into something, I can't quite remember. And my precious, innocent son shouts -

"Uh-Oh!! F*ck!"

 I nearly swallowed my tongue in shock. I just sat staring at him as he continued to shout obscenities at the screen; racked my brain to remember if I had ever accidentally dropped an f-bomb in his company. I couldn't remember a single incident so I wondered who I was going to have to blame - and then it suddenly dawned on me:

He's saying FROG. 

He thinks the little green alien is a frog. "Uh-oh, FROG."


Now I just spend my time asking him to say "frog" for my own amusement. It's hilarious. 


Anonymous said...

aahhhh, yes. we are with you on this.
hunter says f*ck for truck. and, of course, trucks happen to be his most favorite thing on earth. so all day long i hear, oooh, f*ck! big f*ck! mommy! f*ck!

well, today he found a little toy wheel laying on the ground and comes running to me yelling "F*CK OFF!" over & over. the tire had fallen off the truck.

just wait til landon sees a frog jump off something!

:) melinda

Jess Roy said...

Oh my goodness - that is hilarious! what a little sweetie.

The Schmidts said...

ha, ha--we are always asking Eliora is say "also" because it sounds just like another choice word. Too fun.

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