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Monday, February 21, 2011

It was cold on Friday. A good day for snuggles and beanies

I have no images from Saturday b/c I spent the entire day with a nasty cold.
RJ took Landon around town for the entire morning so I could sleep in and rest. Love that man.

Mowing the lawn is way more enjoyable with a buddy
After church on Sunday we hopped on the train to Santa Barbara.
L is really into all things transportation - cars, trucks, planes, trains, tractors, diggers, excavators, dump trucks, cranes, etc.

(And I'm learning so much along the way. Who knew that excavators and tractors aren't the same thing?!)
Waiting for the train!

Cruising down State street

Best $6 ever spent on itunes. an episode of dora the explorer
whip it out when we are about to melt down and all is well in the world again
love that tongue. it's been peeking out since day 1
today - recovering from all of yesterdays fun and playing in the dirt
I hope you had a fabulous President's Day Weekend too!

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