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Friday, December 17, 2010

Yesterday RJ, Landon and I went to our friends holiday party. Kids were welcome so we headed over right when the party started (b/c the fashionably late entrances are reserved for the chic people not encumbered by little people and 7 o'clock bedtimes).

The cheese-face always wins a few new friends

Hoping to stay as long as possible we dressed the little man in his red footsie pj's and cowboy boots. Easy, maintenance free, and one of his most adorable looks. Win all around. 

And apparently my son is one party animal. Landon breezed into the party without a moments hesitation. Confidently walking in front of mom and dad, he planted bear hugs on everyone he saw, shmoozed for lap space with all the pretty ladies, tried a wide assortment of finger foods and fine cheeses, gave all the men "fist pounds", and even indulged one beer drinking thirty-something in a belly bump. He shared his smiles with young and old alike, dividing his time evenly between those his own age and the adult crowd, and told a few good "jokes" getting the entire room to explode in laughter.

And at 7:30 when his Dad was tired and already thinking of bed, Landon was just getting started - snuggling between a couple of guys on the couch to grab a few minutes of the football game. 

Our son is a social butterfly. Adorable at 20 months - frightening in 20 years. 

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Jess Roy said...

So cute! Can't wait to see you guys oh-so-soon! :)

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