25 Days of Thankfulness

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 12 -

Our Home

Here she is 18 months ago. It looks so different now with all the plants grown big

Although I whined a lot during the construction process (because it sucked) I am so incredibly thankful for our home. RJ was more pro-home-buying than I was, but now I've fallen in love with our little place (largely due to the incredible amount of work he put into it.) I love that it's small, but not too small, Comfortable but not shabby. Stylish but not unapproachable. I love that we took Landon home here from the hospital, and that I got to paint his room bright orange and no one could say a thing about it. I love that we will mark his growth on the walls, and every time I cook a meal in my kitchen I feel thankful for my husband. I love that Landon's best friends live just blocks away, and the older neighborhood boys wave to him as they skateboard past. I love that half the neighborhood knows Butter, so she's always returned when she escapes out the side gate. And I love that we're the house on the corner that everyone knows has those Reality stickers on their cars. These four walls are a blessing and I pray that they bless others as well. 

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