25 Days of Thankfulness

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9 -

Date Night

Last week RJ and I had two date nights in one week. 2 IN A WEEK. For all the single/child-free readers out there let me just tell you: unless your parents live next door and continually kidnap your child in the evenings, or you can easily dish out more than $10/hour for a reliable teen to watch tv at your house (AND you can squeeze yourself into said teen's social calendar), this-just-doesn't-happen. It might happen ever few weeks because our marriage is worth the financial sacrifice or your friends step-up and watch the little tyke for you (as our awesome friends often do!!) But two dates in one week is unheard of.

If I might offer you a comparison. Learning that you and your hubby get to go out and do grown-up activities all-by-yourself is much like finding the perfect pair of jeans. Jeans that fit like a glove, make your butt look amazing, lengthen your legs, and don't cause love handles. The jeans you've been searching months and months for. And then, you take them up to the sales lady, whip out your credit card, and you find out that they're 80% off. The.best.feeling.ever. Two dates in a week is alot like that. 

Our first date we sipped a delicious wine, ate sweet potato fries (among other yummy things) and saw a movie on the big screen. A classically wonderful night. 

The second date was a bit of a surprise. Our friends invited us out for a last minute jaunt downtown to find dessert. They already had a sitter and we could share. They also included another couple, mutual friends, so the six of us could enjoy conversation with spouses and friends without interruption. 

We had such a good time. We were feeling young, and alive, and went out planning to paint the town red - nevermind the fact it was nine, eight, 7:30 p.m. when we hit the swanky downtown bar. We toasted pomegranate martini's, paid tribute to our children by dancing to the band (children have no fear or self-conciousness when it comes to dancing. lack of rhythm or not they shake what their mama gave, or didn't give, them. so why shouldn't' we!) and gorged ourselves on Ben & Jerry's all while enjoying the freedom, the conversation, and the incredible people watching (helllooo Cougars!) in downtown Ventura. 

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