Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today I actually have a bunch of blogs running in my head but I'm short on time.
So I'll just bless you with pictures of my adorable son.
Who is turning 18 months on Friday!!!!

I know I am spoiled to see the sunshine nearly everyday.
And people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars too many to live
in little tiny shack houses that would go for a fifteenth of the price anywhere else in the world
because the beach is worth it.
And it is pretty amazing to go surfing on Christmas day.

I think Autumn in Southern California sucks.
I don't mind not having a winter or spring. 
The continual summer weather is pretty great except for missing fall.
I love fall.
I really love fall clothes.
(I'm a tiny bit obsessed with outwear and boots. Please don't ask me how many jackets I own - it's embarrassing. Ok at last count it was near 40.)

So it's disappointing to miss out on fall leaves and crisp days, hot apple cider and roasted squash soups ( lately it's just too warm to even try), 
and scarves
and boot wearing.

But the Lord smiled on me because today it was just cool enough to wear my boots to the pumpkin patch. Making out squash picking excursion that much more exciting.
Here are the highlights:

The pumpkins were okay but what Landon really loved was all the wide open running room!

Mesmerized by the farmer's pumpkin lecture

Showing Mom the "ball" he picked

Refusing to smile for the camera as usual


Jess Roy said...

love it! these pictures are precious. we are seriously, i mean majorly, excited to see you guys over Christmas. give RJ a mega shaka for us. :)

Anonymous said...

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