Fall Fashion Week - Thursday

Thursday, October 28, 2010

There are disadvantages and advantages of being married to a man who works in the garment industry. Particularly a guy in quality control.

When you buy clothes at Target he shakes his head at you.
"How could you buy something with such 
poor ______ (enter sewing jargon here)?"
To which I gently remind him:
"Babe, for $3 I don't really care if it even has a hem."

1. He has great style
2. He'll help finance your expensive jean collection 
because after carefully inspecting the quality of the construction he deems them worth the price
&3. Unexpected Presents from Work
such as this Patagonia dress:

 I love this dress for so many reasons:
the pattern and colors
the fact that it actually gives me a bust
the sleeve length
it's super comfortable

Dress: Patagonia
Sweater: thrifted
Tights: f21
Boots: Frye

And when your little guy sees you in boots naturally he wants to wear his as well


Jess Roy said...

ah! love the boots on both of you - so cute!

Amanda said...

Oooooo...I'm loving that dress, it's gorgeous!

Kalle said...

That dress is amazing. What a great "work present" And the boots on your little guy are priceless.

Lindz said...

That dress is killer and I really love it paired with those tights. As always, love your Frye boots. I would not mind at all if my husband financed my jean collection (rather than now where he has no idea about it ;) )

Rebecca said...

I'm sorry. This is totally inappropriate. After you said the dress gave you a bust the only comment I can think is: Nice rack Anna. ;)
I love the dress though. I didn't know patagonia made dresses. I need to go check that out now!

Jessica G. said...

Love the dress. And it looks so comfortable! And those tights are so great!

katie said...

that dress is quite lovable, for all those reasons you mentioned. =)

Sarah said...

Oh what a perfect fall outfit - I love the colors and pattern of the dress!

E said...

That dress is an awesome present. Love you guys with your matching boots!

Chelsea said...

pretty dress and your little guy is adorable in his boots!

Em-Jae said...

Whaaaaat?! Your surprise presents are total awesome-sauce.

Oh, and your little man's boots are ridiculously amazing as well. He should probably wear those every day before his feet grow too big. They're that amazing.

Lea said...

I love that dress too! Super cute!

Bevin @ allisbright.com said...

Very pretty!
♥/Bevin @All is Bright

Lil Muse Lily said...

love the whole look. super cute dress and the boots are rockin'!

Kristin said...

The whole outfit is perfect!

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