Fall Fashion Week - Friday & A Letter To My Son

Friday, October 29, 2010

WoooHooo! Happy Friday!
I'm not "working" anymore and yet Fridays still feel special - the
anticipation before the excitement of the weekend.
This weekend we're hosting the toddler-brigade for Halloween.
We're expecting at least 12 tiny people and their parents for 
chaos and candy.
Cuteness and Craziness is sure to ensue.

Today is a more somber Friday than most.
I'm taking a friend to get an MRI to check out a suspicious lump.
But we're praying that when we go in to have it looked at it'll be miraculously gone.
Or be nothing of concern.
If you think of her please pray too.

Here's the outfit I chose hoping today would be cool and crisp.
But's its hot and windy so honestly I'll probably strip it off after posting this blog and return to my yoga pants and tank top, and the most recent episode of Modern Family.

Hat - vintage, thrifted
Sweater - vintage, thrifted
Pants - Zara
Boots -  I honestly don't remember it's been ages

So I don't forget

Dear Landon -

I had such a wonderful time with you at the aquarium yesterday. And I'm not just saying that because I'm your Mama. You really are a joy and a delight to be around. 
Everyone - babysitters, nursery care workers, etc. - remarks about what a happy boy you are. You love to smile and laugh and act silly. Your enthusiasm is contagious. It was so fun following you from fish tank to fish tank yesterday as you squealed with delight, pointing and laughing, and smashing your face against the glass to get the closest possible look. 

And while you're still learning to share your toys (but you are getting so much better at it. I'm proud of you!) you do love to share your favorite experiences with you Mommy, Daddy and your friends. Yesterday you couldn't wait to show Avy (Avery) all the colorful fish. My heart melted watching you hold Avy's hand as you walked together to the next exhibit. And whenever you couldn't find her you would shout her name not wanting her to miss a moment of the excitement.

You are such a people person. It's so nice for me to be able to drop you off at church or the gym and watching you immediately join in the fun without any hesitation. And you love to share your affection - giving everyone you meet a fist-bumb. (Once an elderly lady thought you wanted to punch her!) And you never taking a sip of any beverage without first doing a "Cheers!". 

Like your Mama you are a total foodie.  Almost never turning down anything I offer - especially if it comes with sauce - and you love yourself a good snack. 

If we're watching a video (and you LOVE videos) you'll snuggle in close and rest your head on my shoulder. But otherwise you are a busy little bee. Exploring, digging, climbing, playing, shrieking, and dancing. Lately you've enjoying climbing on top of your train table and playing with Butter ("puppy") through the window. She'll jump up and put her nose against the glass and you'll erupt in giggles. 

And it's so hard not to laugh when you are unintentionally disrespectful. Lately, whenever I don't answer your calls of "Mommy" fast enough you start shouting "Anna! Anna!". And if  you are being naughty and I have to threaten you with a "consequence" you'll turn around, stare at me stoically, and slap your thigh with your hand. It's hilarious. 

I could honestly go on and on about how wonderful God made you. I hope I don't forget too much of these years. They are going by way too fast. And I'm enjoying being your mother more than my words can describe.

I love you bug.



Rebecca said...

I'll be praying for your friend!

D Dierks said...

Great boots and hat! Loved yesterdays outfit a lot too!

E said...

I love the necktie and the boots. Praying for your friend!

Annie Brothers said...

Your letter to Landon was so sweet! I can't wait to meet my new bundle of joy and get to experience the things you have experienced. I started writing down experience throughout my pregnancy, but haven't had time in a while to write things down. This has inspired me to start again!!
I'm praying for you friend.

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