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Thursday, July 15, 2010

We're feeling better! Hoo-rah!

Well enough to hit up the Santa Barbara Zoo yesterday,
for what might have possibly been

My friend Kel was in town from Denver
and she indulged me in a zoo gardens fashion shoot.

The stats:
shift - Esprit, thrifted
shorts - Merona, thrifted
belt - my friends mom's 80s throwback
shoes - Old Navy

shirt and shorts - Guess, from Oma
Shoes - chucks, thrifted

Thanks for all the lovely comments the past few days.
They make my day!


Anonymous said...

This is just how a summer-mommy needs to look - your son is so cute!

Lea said...

Cute outfit!! And awesome accessories= babe and BOB!!

Bethany said...

i love the outfit .. so cute! and i cannot believe how big Landon is! we should really get our boys together!

Emery Jo said...

cute + practical + hip = your outfit! I love your sunglasses!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Insanely cute shorts and you look fabulous. Your little boy is heartbreakingly adorable!! I love the blond hair!

Jessica G. said...

You look so adorable today! Definitely a cute, put together summer outfit. Hope you had fun at the zoo.

Erin said...

You are adorable. And I love those shorts.

Charlotte said...

Those shorts fit you perfectly. And the belt looks great with them!

Cali Cakes said...

aww, you two look like your having so much fun! love color of your top!

Rachael said...

How fitting... the most gorgeous gal ever on the most gorgeous day ever. You make tucked shirts the coolest thing on the block.

E said...

So cute, both of you. I love the throwback belt.

Jo said...

this is my favorite of your outfits!

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