The D Word

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I know this is going to be difficult to believe, but sometimes when I'm really upset the occasional 4-letter word slips out of my mouth. Terrible, I know. Even worse, my fiery temper has been known to enflame me with such anger a tiny little f-bomb escapes here and there. Basically I'm a horrific sinner.

However, I know where to draw the line. There are two words absolutely not allowed in our house - the D words. Divorce & Diet.

Under no circumstances are these words to be used. Divorce is an unfair, hurtful fighting word. I could go on about why we've banned it's use but I image you're all smart enough to figure it out on your own. And Diet has been vetoed because it too can do much damaged to adults and impressionable little people. "Diet" has too many connotations of anorexic looking movie stars in skanky bikini's shouting from magazine covers about how you too can have a starved beach body. It's been overused in the culture to emphasize the need to be smaller than we were originally intended. "Diets" are too often about depriving oneself rather than healthy eating habits. They make food "bad" and not eating "good". I want both myself and my children to have a more positive outlook about food.

Therefore, in our house we get healthy. And we do it without a bunch of fanfare or fuss.

Lately I've been feeling a bit "blah". Not fat, just unhealthy. Too many lemon bars sweets and not enough fruits and veg. So, rather than trying to cut out sugar completely, because we all know that's a lost cause, I am going to make it a point to eat at least 5 full servings of fruits and veggies a day. At least two of the minimal five fresh servings must be veggies. And, I'll be drinking 64 ounces of water per day as well. (My sister's doing this to clear out her skin and I figured I need it too - to flush out all my java.)

What do you do when you feel your body needs a little maintenance?

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One day at at time... said...

Aaaahhh, that sounds nice. I've been feeling, as you say, "in need of a little maintenance". Lately I've been boycotting the booze- wine with dinner, the 4th of July cocktails... it all turns my stomach. That picture of the glass of seltzer water makes me thirsty though! Maybe it's the heat- and I'm just craving cool & refreshing. But I could totally go for the extra veg & water- in fact I think I'll join you!

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