Garbage In; Garbage Out

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The reason I chose to study Speech Communication in college goes back to a 6th grade public speaking contest. I gave a passionate speech arguing the negative affects immoral, violent media has on young minds. Always a bit old for my age (the nice way of saying I was incredibly nerdy) I was honest in my convictions. And, while I did argue for the occasional PG-13 movie and MTV, I understood why my parents limited my media intake.

In college I further learned the incredible impact television, movies, music, and magazines have on culture . Or is it the other way around?: A big debate in the visual/media communications world. I am in the camp that believes that first the media introduces IT; then the culture climbs onboard.

That said, RJ and I don't have television. I watch a couple of shows online and we do subscribe to Netflix, but NO video games or cable. Garbage In = Garbage Out.

Which is why we try to support POSITIVE, MORAL, UPLIFTING media sources. And, we are lucky enough, to have a front row seat in the creation of a wonderful new movie. A movie I will not only allow Landon to watch over and over again, but I will buy him ALL the action figures. And the lunch box too!

Our friends, I've talked about them before, just finished the teaser trailer for their animated film X-TREME SQUIRRELS. And now they need your help. Please watch the trailer. Post a YouTube comment and give it good reviews. If you have facebook look up the "x-treme squirrels" page and "like" it. Pass the trailer on to friends. And, if you no any of those big media people, show it to them with a big THUMBS UP!

And if you would like to know even more check out the website here.


Dallas @ Xtreme Squirrels said...

WooHoo! Thanks for promoting the trailer for me, Anna! We're so excited to see where this project is headed next! Yay!

Dallas @ Xtreme Squirrels said...

...and by the way, Landon is already on my list to get ALL the action figures - and the lunch box too! LOL!

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