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Monday, April 12, 2010

If you haven't been to my sister-in-law Jessica's blog you are missing out on all kinds of wonderful. Jess and her husband Matthew are two of our very favorites.
We were so blessed to have them for the weekend. 

The weekend was full of books (Matthew and I are what some may call "book whores". You should read his blog here.), swimming lessons, photographs, playing with Butter, Thrifting (discoveries to be posted on my other blog tomorrow), bikes, kissing on Landon, redecorating, family discussions, Smoores at the fire pit, crafting idea, German language discoveries, and so much more!

Landon and Uncle Matthew having a serious discussion about whether or not there will be string cheese in heaven.

Aunt Jessica making sure Landon will be the most stylish boy at the pool. 

Family bike ride to the ice cream parlor. 

Thanks to the Roys for a weekend full of Joys!

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