A Busy Day

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RJ is home sick with a nasty bug. He's been napping, reading, watching surf movies, drinking oj, the usual sick-day routine. I'm not going to lie - I'm a bit jealous. I could pass on the sick part but a nap and a movie sounds pretty dang nice. 

While he's been recuperating I've been busy. 

Busy isn't the right word. Rather than tell you what I've been doing let me sketch out Landon's day:

- Woke three time during the night. 12:00 am, 2:00 am, 4:00 am. Screaming bloody murder because he had to pass gas. 

- Was entirely certain it was morning and time to play at 2:00 am. Had a hissy fit when Mom insisted that it was still "nigh-night time."

- Woke up bright and shiny at 6:45 am on the dot.

- Excitedly greeted best pal Butter dog. 

- Grinned mischievously when Butter got in trouble for gnawing on his foot. 

- Was caught red-handed (footed?) for antagonizing Butter by putting foot directly in dog's mouth.

- Nearly ate Butter's accident.

- Enjoyed a fantastic breakfast of yogurt with blueberries and almond butter toast. Gleefully discovered that he is now big enough to reach the bookcase from his highchair. Smeared almond butter all over bookcase. 

- "Helped" load the dishwasher.

- Found a fun new drawer in the kitchen. Unraveled an entire roll of wax paper. 

- Nap.

- Refreshed and renewed he was eager to play with his walker. Cried with frustration every 10 seconds because the walker ran into something. 

- Played outside with Daddy. Took 4 steps all by himself! 
- Crawled on top of the raised beds and around the entire perimeter of the veggie garden. 

- Pulled up Mom's plants. 

- Nearly ate something mysterious. 

- Enjoyed a smoothie, rice cheese, and crackers for lunch. Faked choking to see what Mom would do. (I swear it was a fake-out.)

- Voluntarily gave Mom a hug. Melt. 

- Antagonized Butter a bit more. 

- Short nap.

- Went down the slide by himself a dozen times at the park. Huge light-up-my-life smile. 

- Was nearly killed trying to fling himself out of my arms and onto the floor at the bank. 

- Protested getting into the car seat by throwing out his pelvis and wiggling towards the floor. 

- Giggled loudly when Mom made funny faces in Target. 

- Discovered Mom's tampon box, pulled one out, and ate the paper wrapper. 

- Finally resting; just a bit. 

- But there are still 2 more awake hours in the day....

Due to all the excitement of our day I have yet to post my awesome weekend Thrift Store finds. But they will come soon!


Jess Roy said...

I love it. How's the new diet going? Hope you're able to get some rest soon... :)

Brittany said...

Best post EVER. I died laughing. Thanks for brightening up my day last week.

Linda Z said...

Wow... that is definitely an active age!!! That combined with the longing to be independent makes for one tire mommy!! So funny how you described it all!

SomisSurferGirl said...

i love your amazing blog. you seriously are a great writer, and i keep coming back for more! keep it going girl and let's do that playdate soon!

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