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Monday, April 26, 2010

The other day I realized that I haven't sat in a salon chair in nearly 18 months!

I have had some professional treatment. About 7 months ago my friend Heather did a cut and color in my living room. She's the best stylist in California (in my humble opinion), and as always, I was so impressed with the work she did in under an hour.

And another friend gave me a living room trim about 5 months previous to Heather's work. So, it hasn't been 100% neglected...but pretty close.

Not only am I not following the recommended 6 week maintenance schedule (what a laugh!) but my at-home care has been lacking too. My sister took one look at my hairbrush and practically ran out the door to get me a new one.

I had no idea that a brush with all the bristles could comb through my hair so well!

My hair is a disaster.

And, after two solid weeks of hiding under a baseball hat I've decided it's time to take care of my locks. I asked a friend for a local stylist recommendation, I'm calling tomorrow for my appointment, and it's beautify time! It's difficult for me to hand over more than $150 on my hair, but considering I "wear" it everyday I've been convincing myself it's a worthwhile investment.

So the big question is: What shall I do? Short, medium, bangs, no bangs, bleach, color? Help please!


Brittney Crooks said...

I just linked you in my blog for inspiring me to go thrifing! Also- you are up early girl- writing at 6:30- you're amazing! P.S. I can't wait to see those cake-on-the-face pictures from this weekend!

Brittney Crooks said...

Oh and I think you should keep it long but get some really light highlights for the summer! Your man will love it!

SomisSurferGirl said...

Oh yay! Go for long bangs, and high and lowlights....I'll get you some links! Hair is my favorite thing to brainstorm about!

Jessica G. said...

I say keep it on the longer side and add some longish bangs. As for color, though it is great, it requires maintenance. So, if you are going to do something, go for a color that is low maintenance, so maybe some highlights or something.

Tim and Debra said...

Be adventurous...check out the hair magazines...I always look at those while I am waiting for 10 min for a cut and then give my lady the picture to copy. It's kind of a fun whim.

Unknown said...

Go for a bob and bangs! It will always grow back if you are not in love with, and it is so much easier and quicker to style. You will of course look beautiful whatever way you wear your hair. Miss you Anna!

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