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Thursday, November 19, 2009

In particular - texting while out and about with a friend.

I read an interesting etiquette article about texting recently and I am wondering what you all think. While out with friends I've noticed that it isn't uncommon for someone at the table to drop their head and rapidly punch phone buttons while the rest of us carry on . And, in an act of remarkable multi-tasking, I've seen people text on their phones while still chatting with me one-on-one, nodding their head here and there to let me know they're still listening. But is it really possible to have two conversations at once?

Personally I find it rude. However, I have always dismissed my frustration as being old-fashioned. I am not very technologically savvy. I don't have a Blackberry or an iphone. I just learned how to take a picture and send it in a text. In all honestly, I often wish the cell phone had never come to be. I think it is unnatural to be always available all the time. So, I imaged that my distaste for sharing my conversation with a text was behind-the-times and ridiculous.

But maybe not. Maybe I am not the only person who feels this way. I am frustrated when someone picks up their cell phone while talking with me (unless it is a spouse, emergency, or a really good reason). And in the same manner, when we're spending time together I want all of you - I don't want to share our lunch date with Aunt Suzie in Vermont who needs to know when Jordon's birthday party starts tomorrow so she can Skype in for the action (maybe I'm more savvy than I think!). You can text her later; right now I would appreciate a little eye-contact.

So how do you feel? Am I a lonely fighter in this losing battle or do you feel the same?


Linda Z said...

I don't get texting. I'm with you on all that you said. I think texts also have the potential for miscommunication. I'd rather just pick up the phone I guess! :)

Blogs on the other hand, I get. :)

The Schmidts said...

I agree with you. I only text if I know the person is busy (aka at work) or directions, etc. I think it is rude when people text during a conversation too. -Rhiannon

Ryan and Sabrina August said...

I am guilty as charged! I totally text all the time. BUT, I hate it at the same time. Its a love-hate thang for sure :) The only reason I leave my phone on is incase the hubby calls, but then I get sucked into other conversations. Sad but true.
I think answering the phone is worse...unless an emergency of course :)

Bethany said...

love love love your post! brian and i actually had texting blocked on our phones because we don't like it. haha much rather call or spend time in person!

Anonymous said...

I am both in total agreement with you, AND a total culprit. It's seriously out of hand. I'd like to think I have the good grace to text only when appropriate. But the other night, my brother, my husband and I were all watching a movie.....and my brother laughingly pointed out that we were ALL texting at the same time. Yes, I think it's scary. Thanks for reminding us to get a grip on texting and set that dang iPhone down for a minute. You go girl! I promise not to text if we ever actually hang out :)

Jessica G. said...

I completely agree with you! It drives me crazy when my friends start texting away when I am with them. The only time I text someone back when I am out with friends is if it is Ian. And even in that case, I say sorry and tell them it is Ian. And, I agree with you on cell phones too...I used to love them, but now I feel like they are a ball and chain. If I don't answer, people want to know why. I don't want to be available 24/7 for everyone!

Jess Roy said...

I hate it when people text or take cell calls in the middle of a conversation. Just the other day I was having a fairly deep conversation with someone, and without warning they suddenly picked up their phone and started yabbering away...I completely agree with you!

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