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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Happiest Place On Earth.
Decorated for Christmas.
With my two favorite people.
Birthday Bliss!

Landon had some thoughts on the day:

On the tram and not so sure about this place so far.
This enormous chipmunk seems pretty cool. Maybe I'll like it here.

Sitting in a flying elephant. Where the *$@* am I?!

I'm cute.

That camera is the most fun thing I've seen all day.
Give it to me!

Who are you? And why do you have no pants?

This guy I like.

Why didn't they start the day with this parade?
I am LOVING it!


Linda Z said...

Did you get snowed on at Main St.? That was my favorite part. :)

Anonymous said...

Sooo jealous that Landon got to see Disneyland decorated for Christmas before me! Great photos. I especially like the second to last one where all your mouths gasping

SomisSurferGirl said...

amazing....my favorite place ever and i cant wait to experience it with owen like you guys!

Dallas said...

Love the pics of him with Tigger... too too cute!!!!!!!!

Jessica G. said...

Its so cute how Landon is staring at the characters in every picture with them. And, I love the black and white shot of Landon and RJ...too precious! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Anonymous said...

the three of you are too cute together. I'm glad you had a good b'day. love mom

Anonymous said...

What a pleasant little surprise to find you on here...
(this is Phyusin from Speech Comm)
i love the pics of your beautiful family!

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