Saturday, November 7, 2009

Whenever RJ leaves for a fish adventures he gives me a kiss on the check and tells me: "I'm going out to provide, babe. Providing for my family." Now him and I both know that he always fishes catch-and-release, but the sentiment still rings true. While we might not eat the trout on his line it's the concept that matters. The fact that he could provide food for Landon and I with his own two hands and minimal equipment. RJ thrives when out in the wilderness fulfilling the his natural inclination for adventure and conquest. He's not a thrill seeker but rather a thoughtful, calculated naturalist who understands that God created him with an innate desire/need to be the provider for his family. That's not to say that RJ is chauvinistic or matcho. He truly understands what is means to be masculine - to be a leader and provider in our family without being controlling or overbearing. I love him because of this. And I love that he's going to teach out son God's desire for masculinity. 

As a mother I sometimes get nervous knowing that RJ will be leading our son on dangerous expeditions into the wilderness. But I trust the Lord, and I trust my husbands judgement. So, although  I had my heart in my throat during this photo session I knew it was just the first moment of many to come.  At 6 months old letting go a little is already so difficult to do. But my hearts greatest desire is that Landon know the Lord, and that he knows God's plan and purpose for him as a man in the God's kingdom. And I believe he'll understand that purpose one prayer, one scripture, and one adventure at a time. 


Anonymous said...
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Dallas said...

Great post... This is the kind of stuff I love to see you write about, Anna!

But now, for the joke-side of Dallas: I can't wait to send Lex with Uncle RJ to go fishing and provide for his family. I'll be too busy working in an office with air conditioning. (LOL!!!)

Keep writing, girl... I love to read it!

SomisSurferGirl said...

i loved your post. our sentiments and convictions EXACTLY.

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