The Cutest Goldfish On The Block

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween = an excuse to torture our small children for parental enjoyment.


Catch of the day

Chapino! Landon (6 months) & Owen (4 months)


Tracy said...

That is adorable! And I love that you and your hubby dressed up to coordinate it all. The goldfish is a costume I haven't seen yet, and he sure is a cute one!

Dallas said...

"Torture" is the right word... he's got that "what-the-heck-are-they-doing-to-me-I-can't-wait-till-I-get-my-license-so-that-I-can-take-my-revenge-on-their-insurance-rates" look on his face.

But still - ADORABLE LITTLE GUY!!!!!

PS - I thought maybe he would go as "Lord Poo-Tar" this year...LOL!!!!

Dallas said... final thought... you gotta love when Halloween is sponsored by Patagonia... ;-)

Bethany said...

oh my gosh! love the look on landon's face in the last one. hope you guys are doing well! we are having tons of trouble with caleb's naps and sleeping. aah!

Tim and Debra said...

Love it! He looks a little nervous in a few pics, as if to say what on earth am I wearing mom. :) Too cute.

Ryan and Camille said...

The only problem with Landon's suit is that Ryan first thought he was a mermaid...wait, merman!
(super cute!!)

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