39 Weeks

Sunday, March 15, 2009

He could come at any minute! 

RJ and I have already been able to share with most people that out little guy moved out of the breech position! We're so excited he made he big flip. I'm not sure exactly when when or why he decided to finally cooperate and move head-down but I think the slant board helped the most. I laid inverted on a slant board for 10 minutes at a time, 3x a day. I have a pic but it's being stubborn and won't upload. I also went to the chiropractor, did headstands in the pool at the YMCA, and put headphones playing classical music down my pants to try and lure our boy towards the music. 

We've also been totally blessed with four amazing baby showers. My work threw me an awesome literary shower - we were blessed with a whole new library for the little guy; and Patagonia thew RJ and surprise shower (I was in on it and got to attend.) I had a family shower up north about a month ago and then Raegan threw me a shower here in V-town. I am SO thankful for all my dear friends and family and their incredible support. The gifts were ultra generous, but most of all I was so blown away by my dear friends. So many people traveled far distances to come celebrate out baby boy.  Thank you!!!

I also got a ton of amazing handmade gifts (including a handmade crib!!). Our family and friends are so talented I have to share:
A fun handmade quilt from Raegan and Lauren for the future surfer boy

And a beautiful quilt in the colors of his room from Linda (my second mom. Linda lived across the street and she took care of my sis and I for years the few days a week my mom worked)
Hand drawn Tee's from my ubber talented artiste friend Heather. (Heather lives in S.F. )

A hand knit blanket from Grandma Barbara. There is another super soft hand knit blanket from Sheila but it's currently packed in his hospital bag.
Patagonia sells a vest called the Retro Vest. It comes in adult and kids sizes and RJ and I just love it. The super sweet ladies in the sample room decided to make our man a custom Retro vest with premium denim and matching pants. SO cute!

And my friend Rose made this adorable bib. She is so creative and has The Best taste. She always looks darling and her little guy, Miles, whose about a year and a half is stylin' everyday. 
Another talented seamstress, my friend Cheri made a collection of burp clothes and cozies with little Hosking's initials. 

And finally, Ryan and Camille Hayes made us this GORGEOUS handmade crib! I am so overwhelmed by these two and their incredible generosity. SO much time went into this project. Ryan decided to do all the work without any power tools. He then took it one step further and created the entire crib "Japanese" style since RJ is so into quality. Therefore, Ryan used no nails and/or glue on the crib. The entire thing is dovetailed together!  Not only is is sanded down to a buttery finish but they finished the entire thing with bees wax and natural stain so that the baby can eat it and be okay! RJ and I continually go into the nursery to admire the crib and we love showing it off. We are SO, SO blessed!


Soderin Family said...

how are you feeling? you look great! any contractions or dialating yet. if not, don't be discouraged. you will have this baby with the next 2 weeks! just remind yourself of that. oh, get lot's of rest too and have lots of dates with RJ. we cannot wait to see pics of your little guy!

Jessica G. said...

First, you look totally adorable! And second, you have the most talented friends ever! The crib is beautiful! And all the handmade gifts you got from everyone is so great. So, you starting to get impatient for the little guy to come out? You must be so excited to meet him.

Jess Roy said...

So exciting! You look beautiful!

Tim and Debra said...

I am getting so giddy reading this! Come on baby Hosking!

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