34 Weeks and Butt-Down

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I feel like we're finally heading into the home stretch. I am almost 34 weeks and thankfully still feeling pretty good. Only two more weeks of work left (hooray!) and then it's just a waiting game. 

Unfortunately the little guy is currently sitting breech. My midwife says he needs to go butt-up by March 9th or we have to start looking at moving him manually. I would really rather not go through that procedure as it sounds very uncomfortable. I've schedule a visit with a chiropractor at the midwife's suggestion to see they can do some adjustment to help our boy move. I've also looked up a bunch of different positions I can practice to help gravity along. I'm trying not to worry about it yet as there is still plenty of time for him to flip, but I can't help feeling a bit anxious. Now that the option of natural birth is possibly being taken away I'm pretty bummed. I didn't realize quite how much I want to go through labor and delivery naturally (ask me if I still feel this way when the contractions come!)


Jessica G. said...

Awww, you look really good! And actually, when your shirt is up, your belly doesn't look that big.

Linda Z said...

Maybe you could play that Madagascar song for him... you know, the move it one! :)

I'll pray for you!!

Edwards Family said...

Avila turned in my belly right around now too. I think she just enjoys stressing me out with false alarms. We'll be praying for you!

Rob said...

Hey Anna. The hairless cat is with Cynthia's parents. We would have had to put her in quarantine for 6 months!

By the way, when I pull my shirt up, my belly is bigger than yours. Don't worry - there will be no pictures.


Jenny Schlenker said...

you look great girl! Praying for that baby to flip!

Rebecca said...

Your belly is SOOOO cute! You get to meet you little man so soon!

Sounds like you already are doing it but there is website called spinningbabies.com that has positions for helping your little guy turn.

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