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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I haven't been able to talk since Monday afternoon. What I originally thought was strep throat is actually an awful sinus infection and the worse case of laryngitis I've ever had. Being without my vocal cords has reinforced my self awareness - I am a girl of many words. And I miss talking, so blogging is the next best thing.

On Having A Boy -
I am super excited to see RJ and his son. RJ is just over-the-moon about having a boy. He can't wait to teach this little one about all his favorite things. I can't wait to have a ringside seat to watch all the action.

Growing up I always wanted an older brother. I remember asking my mom is she was absolutely sure she hadn't had another child at some point and for unexplainable reasons he just wasn't living with us. I would daydream about my long lost brother. He would be living in Hawaii eating coconuts and wondering how he would get off the island to find his baby sister. Eventually we would be reunited and we would be best friends who went on crazy adventures together. Now my firstborn baby will hopefully one day be someone's older brother. I pray that he'll inhabit all the qualities that I always thought older brothers embodied - companionship, protection, laughter and good-natured teasing.

I'm a bit nervous about the energy factor. Little boys have lots of energy. Little Hosking boys have even more. I get nervous knowing that our little man will very likely climb up on stuff he shouldn't, take risks I wish he wouldn't, and generally be a kinetic force in our home. Of course, I could be completely wrong he might be very calm and quiet, but based on his action in the womb I highly doubt it.
But, boys are fun! And I love fun. I am so excited to surf with my son. I can't wait to teach him about God and His creation by taking him backpacking and camping. Showing him how to roast marshmallows and play in dirt piles. I can't wait for grubby hands and grass stained pants. I love being pregnant but sometimes I feel as though I can nearly burst with excitment to meet his young man.


Jessica G. said...

I decided my comment needs to be in bullet points...

1) Sorry you are so sick. And, I understand about the talking thing...I am wordy too!

2) I have an older brother and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. We are great friends and when he let me hang out with him (on occasion) in high school, it meant the world to me.

3) That same older brother was quite active and at two years old managed to climb on the roof of the house when my mom wasn't looking. So, be ready for adventure with this little man you are growing inside you!

Hope you feel better soon!

Jess Roy said...

I love having an older brother! :)

Soderin Family said...

well said anna. i couldn't agree more. don't worry about the boy energy. when it's your own boy, it's fun...most of the time!
i had an older brother and i can't wait to know if noah will be a big brother to a sis or bro. i think he'll be great!

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