5 months

Friday, December 5, 2008

This baby is approximately 1 pound and I can't believe it's going to get bigger. Where is it going to go? I already feel stretched out like a sausage casing. 


Jess Roy said...

You are so cute!

Jessica G. said...

Stretched like a sausage...interesting! I know from experience that pig intestines (used to make haggis over here) stretch a ton, so maybe you will stretch like a pig intestine!

Soderin Family said...

Oh just wait girl. The stretching has just begun. You have a long way to go...and stretch!

Can't wait for the news on Monday!!! Do you have a feeling either way?

Jenny Schlenker said...

Congratulations!!!! Love you guys!

Travis Avila said...

Hooray for boys!

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