Wednesday, November 5, 2008

RJ is traveling in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan for work over the next two weeks. He arrived in a coastal Chinese town on Tuesday morning (Monday night out time) and I got the following email from yesterday:

Hey baby,
Thanks for the update. I just tried calling you. Send me an email once you hear who wins and the CA props. I woke up early but got some good rest. Dinner last night was so crazy... Chicken feet, some small bird egg, and lots of wierd moving animals. They eat all sorts of critters here. It has been a very hard cultural shock. Hope the tummy stays settled. Miss you so much. Love RJ

We got to talk soon after I got this email. Apparently he went to the nicest restaurant in town for dinner that night. The first floor of the restaurant resembled a pet store - various animals in cages. Apparently you find the animal that looks tastiest, claim it, and then cook it up for you!


2wildtrout said...

miss you. xoxo.

Ryan and Camille said...

I miss you too!! xoxox ( he he he) I posted a few comments around here because I miss talking to you! Ryan is constantly working in his woodshop...

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