Monday, October 27, 2008

Here's the bump at 17 weeks. My stomach muscles are starting to stretch and pull. Doc says I should be able to feel the baby any day now which is super exciting. I have a feeling I'll be one of those people who thinks the baby is just a gas bubble for a few days before I figure it out. 

And can someone explain to me why the bump is so high? The baby feel low, down near my hands, but the bump is extending nearly to my chest. What is all that?

I surfed my last wave for awhile on Saturday. I felt great - until I had to lay on my stomach to paddle. Sadly I'm out of the water until next summer. Or maybe I'll take up paddle boarding. 

Today also marked my first use of a rubber band to hold my jeans together. All day long I roughed it out with the button clasped until about 4pm when I suddenly felt bad for my unborn child who was being squished inside my favorite jeans. Sacrificing my child's comfort for a pair of Paige denim...I have much to learn! 


Jessica G. said...

You look so cute looking down at that teeny bump of yours! So, at what point do you find out the sex of the baby? You must be excited to be in a home of your own and being able to set up for the baby there. Lots of fun times!

Soderin Family said...

Hi there! You look adorable. The stuff up high is your stomach, intestines etc. Your uterus pushes all that up. Fun huh! Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl. When will you find out?

Jenny Schlenker said...

You look beautiful Anna!

Ryan and Camille said...

miss you!love the pictures, I wanted to know how you are doing and no I have an idea... Can't wait to hear how the trip goes and how you are doing.

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