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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome to the world baby girl!

So precious!

RJ and I met Brian and Joelle (Emmelia's parents) in a small town in Cinque Terre, Italy. I was up in our "hotel" room when Brian approached RJ on the street asking for a dinner referral. Since we had just arrived RJ couldn't help except to open our Rick Steve's Travel Guide and read Rick's suggestions. Brian had to laugh as him and Joelle were also traveling with Rick in their packs and we had instant travel buddies!

Plus, it turned out the Brian and Joelle were both Christians from California (Carlsbad)


they were engaged on the exact same day as us


married on the exact same day as us!

We've been able to visit them a few times in Carlsbad and we love them to pieces. So, congratulations to the Grove family; what a beautiful baby girl!

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