Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My friend Holly sent me this analogy yesterday and I just love it.

A few weeks ago, at our home group, RJ asked for prayer for making big decisions. He has a difficult time with decisions b/c he analyzes everything way too much.

Holly's words really struck a cord with both of us. She wanted me to edit her words before posting them but, sorry Holly, I just love them in their raw form:

"Well, you guys shared that you need prayer for direction and decision making (RJ specifically) and I was thinking about surfing because for some reason you two are what I imagined surfers to look like before I came out here and well, you are surfers. Anyway (I write how I talk, a little long winded), I have surfed several times since I moved out here and well, I spend a lot of time just sitting on my board waiting for the perfect wave (well, to be truthful catching the wave scares the crap out of me, so if I avoid catching a wave, I avoid crashing). Since I spend all of my time waiting, I don't actually do much surfing at all. I sit and do a lot of contemplating, but I never actually decide to catch the wave. I sitting and contemplating really gets me no where, but it does keep me comfortable and safe. Decision making is scary, as is trusting in God sometimes, but it is something that we have to do for progression in life. My surfing isn't improving at all, since I am not actually choosing to catch the waves. Life will become stagnant and remain the same if we never press on to make decisions. They are always a risk, but God always uses our decision, even if we think we made a bad decision, God will use that too."

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