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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Shoe shopping = fun!
Clothes shopping = fun!
Furniture shopping = fun!

Even Grocery Shopping = fun! (I am a bit of a freak about food. I love the abundance of yummies at the grocery store.)

One would think that home shopping would = fun.


Not so much.

What is it about home shopping that just isn't as great at shopping for anything else? I image that a big part of is has to do with the MONEY involved. The scale suddendly dramatically tips in the SCARY zone (particullary if you're blessed enough to live in California where home prices are comparative to the national income of some small third-world counties.)

I guess if I had all the money in the world home shopping would = fun. Hummm...do I want the place with the indoor pool and the warming towel racks or the one with a personal sauna and mist room and a bowling alley in kids rooms?!

However, I don't fall into that, money is not an object realm (bummer), so my home shopping experience is more stressful. Humm...do I want the home that's one block from Ventura's prositute pick-up spot or the home that is suffering from internal damage ever since the last renters started making crack in the basement?! (slight exaggeration but you get the picture.)

Not only that, you never run across a Home Sale, or better yet, a Home Clearance. "For a limited time only, all three bedroom, 2 bath homes are on special clearance at 30% off. Grab yours today!" Home Sales would make things so much easier. I would elimate the game of: I offer you this much money, you counter back asking for all my money and my left leg, I then offer you 7/8 of my money and one toe, etc.

Home buying does not = fun.

Please pray for us as we have a an offer in on a home and the bank decides today! And this one's a steal. All they want (for the home that's three houses away from a recovering drug addicts anonymous meeting hall) is 99.9% of our money and RJ's left pinkie! What a deal.

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Shelley Blackwell said...

i admire you and rj's persistence with all of this. you will definitely be in our prayers. we just had a similar sort of experience with two and a half grueling weeks of counter offers on a 2 million dollar house here in cabo, no we weren't trying to buy it nor did we suddenly come into millions, jeremiah was representing the buyer. i feel like it was similar in the sense that we were on pins and needles waiting to see if he would get it into escrow and be able to make some $$$. unfortunately after way too many counter offers the deal didn't happen. i pray your situation works out the other way for you guys. see you in a couple weeks.

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