Funny Story

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I just had the funniest thing happen to me. I walked into Wells Fargo to make a deposite for work. As I headed to join the queue an older gentlemen, hanging out in the corner of the office, waved his finger at me. "Come here" he motioned.

The guy had to be between 80-90 years old. Stooped over a cane, with suspenders on, and a little hat he reminded me of that old guy who plays chess at the beginning of Pixar movies (in the movie-ettes). Seeing as he looked harmless I walked over to him and leaned in close to hear what he was saying.

"You're the best looking woman I've seen all day!" He proclaimed.

"Geez, thank you, " I stammered. "What a nice, sweet old man," I thought to myself.

"BUT"....he continued,"...

...the day is still young!"

Ummm, "thanks"?????!!!!!


2wildtrout said...


That is awesome! So funny.
love ya-

Jenn said...

that is stinkin' hilarious!

Two Cent Sparrow.
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