Book Review - The Nightingale

Sunday, January 24, 2016

I kicked off my 2016 reading goals with The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. By all accounts this should have been a book I loved: historical fiction, World War II, France, romance, sisterhood, solid plot, good action, and complete characters. All of my favorite elements rolled into a well written, well executive book. So why aren't I raving? Well, it's not Hannah's fault whatsoever, she wrote a fantastic novel, but for the first time ever I just wasn't in the mood for World War II. Normally WWII novels are my favorite. It's a time in history where the author doesn't have to make up anything to include all the elements of an excellent read. Horror, loss, sacrifice, love, endurance, good versus evil, it's all already there. All the author must do is convey the story with masterly woven prose. Hannah did that in The Nightingale. I just wasn't up to stomaching it.

I've been analyzing why I experienced this unexpected distaste for what is normally my favorite genre of literature. I think it's because I was reading it right almost immediately after getting hoem with Norah. Our first few weeks home were very emotional and very difficult. During my rare moments alone the last thing I needed or wanted was more emotional drama. And WWII novels are chalked full of emotions and drama!

Therefore, I will not be giving a real review on this book. By all accounts it is a very good book. The characters are believable and relatable. The historical facts seems to add up accurately. The prose is well done and the plot substantial and continually forward moving. The end wraps up a bit too neatly but my good-news-loving heart enjoyed it. Definitely worth the read...if you aren't in the middle of an emotional crisis yourself!

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