Ethiopia Day 3

Monday, December 14, 2015

We went to the International Evangelical Church this morning. To be honest it was a bit disappointing; a pretty standard American church service without much spirit. I was hoping for some culture! It was definitely Biblical though and very diverse.  Many Africans and quite a few looked to be from neighboring countries, lots of Asians and a sprinkling of European and American whites. The boys sat through the hour-long service much better than anticipated.

Then we were shuttled off to lunch to a very modern burger restaurant. If you didn't have someone show you where it was you would never find it as it was housed in this random metal warehouse building. But quite nice once inside. RJ and I are ready to get away from the American style restaurants our adoption agency keeps taking us to and instead find some local food!

There was a huge road race in Addis this morning. Pretty cool to see the runners everywhere. Traffic was more insane than ever. At one point our driver got frustrated and we were definitely driving on a sidewalk. Oxen and goats were also herded through the streets in mass today since its Sunday and a big buying day. As RJ said "the true Farmer's Market".

After lunch we finally got to go back to Norah. I was itching. And the boys were eager to get back to their little friends at the house.
Today I joined Norah in her room with her nannies. She was okay with me sitting across from her playing toys but wouldn't crack a smile.  After a while I forced a little separation and took her outside with me. She actually took to it better than I anticipated and she let me hold her and snuggle her. She got really upset when RJ held her but he persisted and she eventually succumbed to it with just sporadic short bursts of tears.

Meanwhile Landon and Parker are right at home with the other kids. These beautiful orphans just break your heart. They are so sweet and eager to please. Many of them looking for their own family. They loved the temporary tattoos we brought and RJ spent a long while tattooing them all up.

There are many little ones too and they are so easy to love and snuggle. It's a joy spending time with them. 

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