Thursday, January 8, 2015

I sat down to write with nothing to really say....


I guess I'll just share some random thoughts.

School has started back up and while I am missing our lazy mornings I do love to be back into our routine. Routine and I have such a Love/Hate relationship.

Landon is becoming obsessed with reading. He wants to know what everything spells and we spend large parts of our day sounding out words around the house; or things he notices while in the driving in the car. "Mom, how do you spell 'Garbage Truck.'" "Mom, help me sound out 'Library.'" It's really exciting. I've also been encouraging him to practice writing his own so we are constantly getting "letters" from him with sweet sentiments such as: "Dear Mom, U R a grat mom." And Uncle Ryan got the best one, "Dear Unkle Ryan, U R a god Unkle."

Parker is finally, knock-on-wood, potty trained. Although he much prefers to urinate outside rather than inside and he refuses to use the bathroom at school which means he holds it for more than 3 hours (poor kid!). He is the only one of us that is modest and he insists on "previcy". 

RJ is busy handling both his job and working and converting our beloved van's hardtop into a "POP" top. It's been a ton of work but we are excited to have the extra bed in the van. She really becomes a home on wheels once this project is done and I'm already planning some Spring trips.

Including, hopefully, a trip to Zion National Park where I may compete in my first trail run (a personal goal for 2015).

Speaking of 2015 goals I've been reflecting on a new word for the year (last year was "Intentional" and I really feel like the word did guide me all year long, but more on that later). I think I've decided on a short phrase this year: DIG DEEPER.

I want do Dig Deep this year. Deeper into God and His Word. Deeper into relationships with my family and with my friends. Deeper into myself. I want to really explore my identity in Christ (I'm currently reading this book: The Truest Thing about You: Identity, Desire, and Why It All Matters by Dave Lomas) and what He has for me. My wish is to dig deep and discover more of who I am, my desires, and what my gifts might really be. I also want to write more this year as I process all I'm learning. Hopefully this blog might be a medium for some of those words (although I admit I have been back to my journals more than ever).

Anyway, that's where we all are right now. I do hope you're New Year has started off well and you're enjoying the randomness of life too. XO

 A random chicken picture to go with this rambling blog post. 


Anonymous said...

The pop-top on the camper is exciting. I may have to pick RJ's brain on that one. We've been talking about wanting to have the same thing done on our van, but the cost is holding us back. You're honest about your home projects - is it worth it to do yourself?

Also, I was bummed to miss out on seeing you all this last weekend, but the back was not going to be happy in the car for 6 hours.


Anonymous said...

Love your chicken pics. Parker the only one not happy!
Proud of Landon and Parker!
Love mom

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