That Time I Did A Guest Post About Dating

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A few months ago I was approached to do a guest blog post about dating.

I'm sure you're all all thinking right now exactly what I was then -- my 10 years of marriage makes me the perfect candidate to write an inspiring post on twenty-first century Christian dating. 

Girl hasn't been in the dating scene for dayz.

For example, back in 2003 when I was dating RJ internet dating wasn't even a thing yet. (Or it was being done in secret shame; unlike today when it's readily accepted.) I dated RJ so long ago Facebook was still in it's trial phase, Jack Johnson was touring college campuses, and I didn't know what a text message was. It's been that long.

So when Adrie from A Little Wife's Happy Life approached me I really wondered if I had anything relevant to say. 

But, after seriously thinking about it I realized that although I haven't been on the dating scene in over a decade I've still walked through it. I've walk along side my sister, my friends, the gals I mentor in our Bible study, etc. 

Plus, although dating has changed in the past decade - and will subtly continue to change - matters of the heart will always remain the same. 

It's why Shakespeare and classic literature is still relevant.
It's why some movies and music will never truly get too old.
It's why The Lord can speak to us across time.

Our hearts yearn and emotions quiver in the same patterns across generations and decades.

So I took Adrie's challenge and wrote down a few of my thoughts about dating.

I hope you'll check them out over here.

And thanks Adrie for the opportunity to write for your blog. It's such a privilege to contribute to something that I so greatly admire.  

A just for funzies -- RJ and I dating:


Jessica G. said...

Great article!!! And I kind of think the farther we get from the dating scene, the more perspective we have about it. After all, we were raised during the "I kissed dating goodbye" craze, when I was constantly told to make a list of my ideal husband and God would fulfill it. Here's the reality, I didn't know what I truly needed, God did and he provided beyond what I could have hoped or dreamed.

Jessica G. said...

And are you in Edinburgh, Scotland in that second picture? Something about the background looks really familiar.

Two Cent Sparrow said...

Ha, the good old I Kissed Dating Goodbye Book! Which church-going girl didn't have a copy at the time?! Ha.

We are actually in Big Sur in that last photo.

Adrie Little said...

Thank you for sharing your story with us over at A Little Wife's Happy Life! You're absolutely correct- stuff of the heart remains the same. And I figure, if I would have had some good advice, maybe I would have done with a little less heartbreak. Thank you thank you!!

Two Cent Sparrow.
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