Settling Back In

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The past few months and weeks have been loads of fun, but I have to be honest, it's all catching up to me a bit. I feel like I'm the last horse on the ride and I need to run or get left behind.

We got back from Montana.
Had a bout a week at home.
Landon started school.
My parents came down..
We left for our anniversary trip.
Came home.
Parker started Preschool. (I was so busy/frazzled I didn't even take a photo!)
Visited with family.
Celebrated RJ's birthday.
Enjoyed a fun filled Labor Day Weekend.
And now, thank goodness, we should finally settle into some routine and normalcy.

I LOVE traveling and adventuring.
I would rather "do" that "buy" any day of the week.
But, that said, I need consistent downtime or I start unraveling a little.

I really don't know if I'm one of those people who could travel around for a full year (especially with small children). 
When RJ and I travel through Central America and Europe for three months I loved every second, but towards the end I was eager to get home and have a kitchen and a regular bed again.
Maybe I could do it if I spend long periods of time in each destination rather than being on the go all the time...

Either way, at this stage, with my two youngsters I sure do appreciate routine more than ever before.

After all activity-packed summer I am looking forward to quiet days at home (although with busy little boys there really is no such thing as quiet days). I'm excited to catch up on emails, edit photos and create photo books, do some decorating around the house, sip coffee, bake, help in Landon's classroom, get to know Parker's teachers and new friends, spend more time with Jesus, pray, live INTENTIONALLY, and rest.

It's warmer than usual here. The beaches are perfect right now, and I can't be stopped from hitting the surf a bit now that both boys have school a few days a week, but I am looking forward to the slow, steady, calmness that comes with fall. 

How about you?
Do you mourn the end of summer or are you ready for it?


Jessica G. said...

You have had a busy season! When I have a busy week, I crave being at home, so I can imagine an entire summer of going would make me miss home even more.

Adrie said...

I'm with you- I'd much rather do than buy. That being said, when we went on our big honeymoon trip, I actually got rather homesick after only a week on the road. I just wanted MY HOUSE. Made me feel a little silly, but also a little like I'm so blessed to have such an awesome place to live. = )

We didn't get a chance to go very many places this summer, but I was very, very ready for Summer Camp season to be over so we CAN go more places!

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