The Fall River

Friday, August 15, 2014

When I was a kid my Dad took me fishing on nearly all our annual camping trips. He would buy a jar of bright pink power-bait and bobber and let me at it. I loved it. My Dad did most of the work while I just played waiting for that bobber to twitch.

After RJ and I met he taught me to fish rivers with a lure. Moving quickly from hole to hole as we bush-whacked along riverbanks. The fishing was okay. The bush-whacking not my favorite.

Then RJ returned to his first love, fly-fishing, and I was outfitted with a fly rod, reel, and a case of imitation bugs. I spent most of my time tangled. Once I got the hang of ten-and-two I enjoyed it more but must admit I never really loved fishing the way my husband does.

Enter the Fall River.
The first time I have truly, truly enjoyed fishing since my bobber days.
I can honestly say I had so much fun in the middle of that river wearing some cute teal and gray waders with crampons on my boots. 

I fished Tenkara. No reel. Just rod and fly. Back to basics.
I caught fish.
Lots of fish.
Decent sized fish that were fun to catch.
And, RJ was so pumped I was having fun he unhooked most of them for me. Major bonus in my world!

We stayed in a yurt right on the river.
RJ had meetings outside on the picnic bench while the kids and I looked for the goats that roam the property.
Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia, spent time with us there. 
Sharing fishing advice with my five-year-old and swapping stories over wine in camp mugs.

RJ put long hours on the river.
I got strong carrying 30+ lb Parker on my back while flicking my fishing line.
And Landon amazed us with his incredible patience fishing along the banks for hours on end.



Jessica G. said...

You adventure sounds so incredibly amazing. It seems like it belongs in a book or a magazine. Your boys are going to have some great stories to tell of their childhood.

Anonymous said...

Great memories! I love all the pictures you took.

Two Cent Sparrow.
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