Thursday, June 12, 2014

Do you like doing puzzles?

I love them.
My mom always had puzzle going at Christmastime so I associate them with warm feelings.
I've been doing a 1000 piece puzzle for the past few days and really enjoying it.
Call me an old lady but a puzzle, glass of wine and bowl of popcorn is my evening ideal.
If I had a second table in my home I would have a puzzle going all the time, but since we only have one table I usually only pull out a puzzle or two a year since we're banished to the kitchen counter while I'm working.

My friend Jessica posted a great post recently about thrifting for kids clothes.
When I hit the thrift stores I not only grab clothes for my littles but I've scored a bunch of great adult and kid puzzles for a dollar or two apiece. So far I've lucked out and all of them have all their pieces. 

When's the last time you did a puzzle?


Sara said...

I LOVE puzzles!!! I would not call you an old lady- otherwise I would be one too.

Jessica G. said...

Thanks for the shout out! And I totally love puzzles too.

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