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Monday, June 9, 2014

An artichoke when it blooms
Completely unrelated to my post but worth posting anyway

Almost daily someone posts something on Facebook that's contrary to my religious beliefs, opposes my worldview,  is offensive, or debatable -- but I just chose to ignore and scroll on. In my opinion Facebook isn't the place for such things. I've never head of someone having a radical transformation or changing their opinion on a controversial issue because of a Facebook post. 'Tis best to just move past and have those conversations in person. 

However, I must admit I nearly took the bait a few days ago. A friend posted something that was outright offensive and hurtful. She was clearly looking for an argument. And not only that, but she was willing to create a division among Mothers, as well as Christian believers. 

I got so angry.
Being a Mother is a tough job. 
It's full of difficult, heart-wrenching decisions.
Why, OH WHY, do we judge one another for the decisions we make?!
Clearly all mother's want what is best for their child(ten).
(Or at least most do.) 
So why would we question another Mother's decisions? 
Or her motives behind her decisions?
It's okay to disagree but we should never, ever attack one another in the process.
Even If you think her choice is the wrong one keep your mouth zipped and support her!
She's trying her best.
Just like you are.

And if you just absolutely must say something do so in the privacy of your living room: face-to-face.
Don't start a FB debate attacking her motives and choices.


Can't we just get behind one another as Mom's?
We all have different kids with different personalities and different needs.

End rant.
I feel much better now.

And I must ask: Do you engage in FB debates? 
I haven't yet but if this one comes up again I think I just may have to say something. 

(And because I hate not knowing exactly what these things are about when people post rants such as this one I'll al least indulge you with the topic but not the details: immunizations.)

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Jessica G. said...

I agree that people are looking for a fight when they post that sort of thing on facebook (or online in general). Every once in a while, if someone is truly looking for advice, I will comment, but I generally don't. I tend to even stay of out parenting debates face to face that moms bring up from time to time. Parenting is just such a personal thing. Everyone thinks they are doing what is best for their child and an argument about a parenting decision always brings out the mama bear claws in everyone and isn't pretty. And an immunization discussion seems to take it to the next level and bring out the crazy in everyone!

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