Fashion Link-Up and A Lesson Learned

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm going to put the link-up for Fashion on the 15th here at the top of the blog so the ladies that are participating get some more recognition since they're awesome. I love a good maxi dress and this one is a favorite. I've worn is around town with flip-flops and dressed up with an up-do and heels for a wedding. And best test, I got it at Nordstrom's Rack for a steal last summer.  
 Thanks so much for being patient with the fashion link-up. RJ ended up redeeming the awful computer situation. He managed to grab nearly all our files off the old computer before it fully crashed, but we did lose more than 6 months worth of photos. And the worst thing is that they were photos of Parker's first year. I'm bummed, but thankful that I have the month he was born, Christmas of that year, and our big family road trip to Oregon saved. We also have all of RJ's iPhone photos from that year. (Unfortunately I lost two years worth of iPhone photos). Lessoned learned: REGULARLY back-up all computer files. That, and if you're computer is 9 years old you should anticipate it's emanate demise.


Jessica G. said...

Cute maxi dress! And sorry about your pictures. I can only imagine how devastating that must have felt. At least you have pictures you posted on your blog (hopefully) from the times you lost, so you can pull them from there.

Anonymous said...

hello! i just recently found your blog through melinda minyard :). i've been enjoying seeing the adorable pics of your cute fam and fun life in ventura and have some questions about neighborhoods there because we are relocating to there this summer! we currently live in santa clarita :). my email is and i'd love to chat if you have time! thanks :).

Unknown said...

you look AMAZING!

Unknown said...

oo forgot to add come and link to shiny t tuesday at my place! Its a fashion linkup on the first tuesday of every month! would love to see you there xxxxxxx

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