Weekend Highlights

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I really had such a great weekend. Friday night we got to hang with good friends, celebrate a birthday , drink champagne, eat delicious food and let the kids go crazy in the bounce house. 

Saturday morning I woke up early to head to Santa Barbara with two fun friends for a 10K (6.2 miles) race. The weather was perfect for running - warm enough to be in shorts and a tank but cool enough not to feel hot. I ran a great race. I actually trained hard for this run so it felt amazing to see my effort pay off. My goal was to finish under 55 minutes and I did it in 52:38 (32nd out of 270 people). 
Here's comes Mama
Had to stop and give my good-luck charms some kisses. Parker screamed when I ran away from him again. 
The absolute best part of the race was mile 5 while I saw my little family waiting for me. The expression on Landon's face is something I hope I never forget. Part awe, part disbelief, part nervousness, part joy. He always sees me as "Mommy" so for him to really see me in a different role (athlete, runner, competitor) I think was different for both of us. I felt emotional, and proud, to show him another layer, and other dimension, of myself. Afterwards he wanted to wear my metal and told me he wanted to run one day too. Music to my ears. It's such fun to share the things we love with our kids. Don't you agree?

We spent the rest of the weekend enjoy the beach, surfing (I actually went with girlfriends for the first time since summer. So fun! My husband is awesome for pushing me out the door.), building new strawberry beds for the garden, reading, and playing outside. 

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