A Friend for Life

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yesterday I brought Landon and his friend Lily to their swim lesson at the YMCA. After class the kids were laughing and chatting togeter, clearly at ease in one another's company, while I toweled them off. A nearby woman leaned over and asked me if they were twins, "No, " I told her, "they've just been friends since they were tiny babies."

I found myself reflecting on Landon and Parker's friendships this morning. My kids are blessed to have a tight-knit group of buddies already. Landon's grown from a tiny infant to a near kindergartner with these kids. He adores his friends; and their younger siblings too. 

Dynamics have changed over the past year. The gender differences are becoming more apparent. But they all still love seeing each other and playing together. These kids truly love one another. Next year will be interesting - despite the fact most of us live less than a mile from each other we will be spreading out over 5 different elementary schools. Horizons will expand. Kids will grow and change. New friendships will be made. 
But I sincerely hope this group of friends: who learned to crawl together, walk together, talk together, and grow together find a lifetime of friendship together.

An Overly Sentimental Mama

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