Portraits 8/52

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A portrait of my boys every week for a year.

 RJ and I are from the mountains up north but our boys are Southern California born and bred. I love this iconic beach surf/beach shot of Landon: palm trees, beach-blonde surf hair, flannel and greasy burrito. 

Now that Parker has mastered scooter riding he is obsessed. Obsessed. The boy wakes up asking to "scoot scoot" and spends most of his time racing around the driveway or back patio. Thankfully he's also very concerned with safety - he always finds his helmet and comes running up asking for us to put it on before he starts riding.

I'm linking up with Practicing Simplicity for The 52 Project. 


Jessica G. said...

Landon is quite the cutie. And Parker can ride a scooter?! I need to get Isla out on Connor's and see how she does.

jen said...

what total cuties!

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